Dungannon and Cookstown Camera Club began in 2007, with a few like-minded people who wished to share their photographic hobby. Since then, the Club has become one of the top clubs within the Northern Ireland Photographic Association (NIPA) with club members accomplishing many accolades and recognition.

Our club is a multi-cultural body of people, with members covering all levels from beginners to professionals and ages ranging from 18-yrs to 80-yrs. The Club is one of the most forward thinking in Northern Ireland and has set precedents for many other clubs to take their photographic skills into the community and encourage others to enjoy the Art of Photography. We have been involved in several community projects which were most enjoyable and enriched us as photographers.

Every member has something to offer and our meetings are as much about learning from each other as it is a social get-together. Being part of a club means that you are able to bring along your printed images and get advice on how to go forward, enter competitions, and share your work with others.

Photography is being an artist where you evoke an emotion in the viewer . We are the people who document life, people and places around us.

As Chairperson, I continue to enjoy seeing members excel and enjoy their hobby and always hope to keep the word “fun” as our main goal at DC Camera Club.
— Eileen McCausland LRPS LIP AIPF (Chairperson)
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